Dave Guerin - Monitor Engineer - Links

Here's a few relevant links from around the web. Each external link will open in a new window.

  • www.dgapps.ie
    My alter ego! When I'm not Monitor Engineering, then I'm programming for iOS. Keep checking back to www.dgapps.ie as I have a few apps for the App Store in the pipeline.
  • www.fohengineer.co.uk
    My mate Milky's website. He's often at the other end of the multicore from me, we've toured together with Morrissey, Embrace, Helloween and Right Said Fred, among others.
  • www.embracecrew.co.uk
    This is the rather dormant website of the Embrace roadcrew.
  • www.singlecoil.co.uk
    My old mate Gordy White is now running a guitar repair shop in Leeds, and this is the web site. If you need a guitar repaired, or just set up properly, Gordy won't disappoint. Gordy and I toured together for a number of years with Embrace.
  • www.purplebikeshed.com
    My brothers site, who is now fixing mountain bikes for a living. If you live in and around the Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey borders in the UK, and need your mountain bike repaired, give him a ring.
  • sourceforge.net/projects/phpicalendar/
    PHPiCalendar is the web based PHP script that reads in data from a ics file and then produces the calendars that you see here in your browser. I have VERY heavily modified the PHPiCalendar code to get it to do what I want!