Dave Guerin - Monitor Engineer - Countries

Here is a list of the countries where I have engineered monitors since February 1987.The more gigs I have done in a country the bigger the font, and the more recent the gig the nearer the top of the page. Hovering over the country name should show you how many gigs I've done in that country. Clicking on a country name will take you to a page listing all my gigs in that country.

UK   Switzerland   Brazil   Paraguay   Columbia   Chile   Mexico   Argentina   Uruguay   France   Belgium   Holland   Germany   Czech Republic   Hungary   Sweden   Norway   Denmark   Austria   Luxembourg   UAE   USA   South Korea   Japan   Canada   Poland   Hungray   Ireland   Australia   Hong Kong   Spain   Portugal   Italy   Russia   Serbia   Netherlands   Peru   Finland   Indonesia   Croatia   New Zealand   Syria   Lebanon   Greece   Turkey   Iceland   Bulgaria   Slovakia   Israel   Estonia   Czechoslovakia